Monday, November 21, 2011


I met someone. Not just a random stranger that I bumped into with my cart at the grocery store. I met someone who decided to challenge me to a game of Grocery-Cart Chicken where neither one of us gave in before the point of impact. To me, that makes him someone special. So there you have it. I met someone special. He is laid back and easy-going in day to day life. However, he is a take charge kinda guy and rises to any challenge presented to him. He is kinda like a super hero that way: all cool and Clark Kent-like but then turns into Superman when he hears the need call to him. He has been like that to me in so many ways. Not like I NEEDED him to save me or something screwy like that. However, he has heroically made some pretty sucky situations suck far, far less. Anyway, I will refer to this lovely, amazing person as Clark. 

He is one the most interesting, multi-faceted people I have ever met. His interests are incredibly varied and will be touched upon in the following list: Blacksmithing, computers, playing guitar, forestry/botany, martial arts, history, reading, inventing/creating, gaming (video, strategy, cards, role, etc.), cigars, travel, wood working, singing, ethnic food, yoga, personal growth, I mean seriously. This guy is so neat to talk to because he is knowledgeable about so many different things. Not to mention he is very smart and personable. He is passionate, dedicated and hard working. Clark is an intellectual, introverted, self-proclaimed geek. This fact only multiplies his charm by seven thousand, four hundred and sixty-nine. 

Clark is a person who is complex but straight forward. He has a depth that is not just deep but full. Full of experience, knowledge, interests and dreams. He is the kind of guy who is illusive and a bit evasive at first. However, as I get to know him, I am discovering a certain clarity that comes with understanding him as a person. Its like putting together a puzzle and having no idea what it will ultimately look like. However, I find that it is more and more intricate and beautiful as I put each tiny piece in place. He is fun like the satisfaction you get after seeing an incredibly hilarious movie. He is intellectually stimulating like a good book. He is amazingly self-nourishing like a day at the spa. He is comfortable like a soft, warm blanket and cup of tea. He is feeling care free, like going as high and fast as possible on a swing. He is inspirational like a great song and just as hard to get out of my head.

One of my favorite things about Clark is how amazingly understanding and supportive he is. This is especially evident surrounding everything that has to do with Simon. From the very beginning, Clark has never been put off or threatened by my feelings about Simon. When I am sad, he is right there with a hug. When something reminds me of Simon, he never minds me mentioning it. He listens to stories about Simon and laughs with me at the funny ones and supports me through the tough ones. I will never forget the day that he said, "You know, Simon sounds like such a cool guy. Maybe this is a really weird thing to say, but I wish I could have known him." I don't think he knows it but my heart melted and I had to fight back tears after he said that. He also said, "Simon is and was a big, important part of your life and that means he is a big part of mine." Ummm, where did this guy come from? Honestly!

With the holidays approaching, I know that it there will be moments of sadness. I would be a big, fat liar-liar with pants on fire if I said that I didn't miss Simon. I still think about him every single day, multiple times a day. However, I can not help but think about how thankful I am for all of the blessings in my life. I get to spend Thanksgiving with my entire family. This includes Simon's mom, Lynne (who I absolutely adore and will ALWAYS be a mother to me) and Clark. Who the hell am I and what did I ever do to deserve all this good stuff? I am not sure the answer and I am not even sure I care. I am just grateful and appreciate what I have - which is more support than I could ask for, more joy than I anticipated and more love than I ever imagined possible. I am a lucky, lucky girl who has so much to be thankful for and I know it full well.

Friday, November 4, 2011

TILT #12 (Things I Love and Treasure)

For me, so much of the happiness I find in life is found in the simple and small things. One of the things I like to do from time to time is make a list of the things that have recently brought me joy and made me smile.
* The smell of autumn in the air.
* Sitting on my deck in the morning while drinking super hot coffee.
* Throwing sticks for and playing with an awesome an german shepherd.
* Daydreaming.
* The show True Blood.
* Being in my thirties. SO much better than being mixed up in the cluster fuck that was my twenties and teenage years.
* Star Wars
* The Renaissance Festival.
* Taking pictures of sleeping animals.
* Snuggling when I am cold.