Saturday, May 9, 2015

Trouble - My Sixth Pole Solo

Last night, I did my sixth solo routine at our studio's showcase. The song I chose was "Trouble" by Lily Kershaw. I think this was an appropriate title, given I had a fair amount of it during this routine! Let me explain: You see, the ability to grip and hold onto the pole is absolutely fundamental to being able to do anything pole dance. It sounds simple and obvious, but as pole artists, we are FOREVER battling elements outside out control that determine our ability to grip. The temperature and humidity of the environment plays a huge role in the skin's ability to grip the pole. A person's body chemistry and response to the environment is also a huge factor. Some people's bodies don't sweat enough or they have very dry skin. Other people have the opposite problem, which makes it equally difficult to hang on. I happen to have this problem to a very annoying degree. From day one, I've been trying everything to manage my sweaty hands. It's frustrating as hell!

I've tried a wide variety of grip aids on the market. My collect has evolved into what I affectionately call my "Sticky Bag." On certain days, I don't need to use much grip aid but on some days, I could literally bathe in it without a single bit of benefit.

My "Sticky Bag"

I've been really lucky because I've had pretty good "sticky" days for all of the performances I've done up until this point. Unfortunately, my skin decided not to cooperate with me for last night's performance. My hands were really, really sweaty and no amount of grip aid was going to help it.

It is disappointing when you have been putting a lot of work into something only to have something outside of your control mess it up. I had a few things planned for my solo last night that didn't happen due to not being able to safely grip. I has a pretty kick-ass spin planned during the routine but as I was gearing up for it, I could just feel that I wouldn't be able to hold on. I did my best to pull it off into something else mid-execution. The same thing happened with my first trick combination. I had to switch it up mid-execution because I could feel myself slipping.

On the positive side, I was able to safely complete my routine which I feel makes it a success. I was able to go with the flow and not allow the grip issue to fluster me too much. Also, the parts that went as planned felt great! AND I was able to achieve my two goals which are to have fun and be in the moment. Here are practice videos of the spin and trick combination that didn't happen in addition to the full performance from the showcase:

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